Product Details

Whether age 8 or 78, a training athlete or expecting mother, fitness enthusiast or just giving it another try, WELLBEATS™ has a variety of classes that will fit your needs and lifestyle. WELLBEATS offer Original programming that they create and update quarterly, as well as Partner and Select programs from industry-leading brands that complement their own.

In an industry where creativity reigns, and every week there is a hot new class being touted as the best way to create a metabolic burn, proprietary programming trademarks the brand. With WELLBEATS™ Original programming, they have created an incredibly successfully shooting style which is to create as authentic of a live experience as possible. Their instructors are uniquely trained to describe and correct movement as if they were standing next to you.

Their original programming allows them to always keep their pulse on industry trends, while always keeping an ear towards the customers and creating programming that’s appropriate for the needs of the industries they serve.

WELLBEATS Original Classes:

  • Fusion
  • Stomp
  • Vibe
  • REV
  • Kinetics
  • TKO
  • Transitions
  • Definitions
  • Express

System Components Include:

  • Intuitive touch-screen kiosk
  • Speakers
  • TV or projector and HD screen

All automated and customized to fit the needs of your space!


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