Product Details

The Modular Annex Rack offers all the features of an Olympic station (available in 2″x2″, 2″x3″, & 3″x3″ to fit your budget) with the ability to add storage and connect additional units as a site feels fit. Training stations come standard with many features plus a wide variety of attachments to fulfill every site and station need.


Save over +30 sq feet

Grade 5 certified corrosion and vibration resistance with a thread lock patch

All J-cups offer UHMH plastics to protect both bar and hook from chipping or bar knurl wear (standard)

Heavy duty safety arms allow for both user safety and function (standard)

Tubular laser cut up-rights with number marking system

All products are also blasted to eliminate laser scale

Technical Specs

Dimensions: 13.25′W x 5.3′D x 7.9′H

Assembled weight: 1025 lbs

3″x3″ 11 gauge tube

Weights not included

Made in USA


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