Precor Discovery Series Olympic Decline Bench

Product Details

The optimal design of the Discovery™ Series Olympic Decline Bench provides correct user positioning for a wide variety of users.

Discovery™ Series Olympic Decline Bench DBR0411
Ergonomically Designed
Adjustable roller pad foot catch ensures that a wide variety of users are maximally positioned to execute decline pressing movements without excessive external shoulder rotation.
Discovery™ Series Olympic Decline Bench DBR0411
Built In Storage
The conveniently positioned weight storage horns ensure close proximity to desired weight plates. The weight storage horn design accommodates all Olympic and Bumper style plates without overlap allowing for quick and easy access.
Discovery™ Series Olympic Decline Bench DBR0411
High impact, segmented wear guards help protect the bench and Olympic Bar and allow for easy replacement.


Equipment Features

Frame and Finish
Heavy duty industrial grade steel tubing is welded in all structural areas to withstand the most severe environments. Powder coated frame.
Rubber Feet
Rubber foot pads are standard, provide product stability and help to prevent product movement.
Weight Storage
Qty. (8), 1.5 inch / 38 mm diameter, effective length of 6.9 inches / 175 mm each

Equipment Specifications

Maximum User Weight
350 lbs. / 159 kg
Max Lift Load Capacity
500 lbs. / 227 kg
Max Storage Weight
1,760 lbs. / 798 kg
Standard Upholstery Colors
Imperial Blue
Royal Blue
American Beauty Red
Terra Cotta
Standard Frame Colors
Gloss Metallic Silver
Metallic Ash
Desert Bronze
Black Magic Gloss
Gloss White
Workout Area (L x W)
107 inches / 272 cm x 108 inches / 274.3 cm

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

83 inches / 210 cm
65 inches / 165 cm
51.2 inches / 130 cm
Equipment Weight
217 lb. / 98.4 kg

Shipping Dimensions and Weight

Box 1 = 53 inches / 134.5 cm, Box 2 = 43.5 inches / 110.5 cm
Box 1 = 34 inches / 85.5 cm, Box 1 = 34 inches / 30.5 cm
Box 1 = 11 inches / 27 cm, Box 2 = 9.5 inches / 24 cm
Shipping Weight
Box 1 = 212.5 lbs. / 96.4 kg, Box 2 = 25 lbs. / 11.4 kg


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