Product Details

Inspire’s M3 for functional training allows you to isolate each major muscle group in a variety of ways with ease. The unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way your body naturally moves allowing you a comfortable, effective workout. The M3 is also compact enough for you to fit it on a 4′ x 6′ exercise mat.

The Inspire M3 is an excellent training machine for athletes interested in sport specific exercise movements or for people looking to strenghten their overall bodies, increase stamina and coordination or lose weight.

Warranty Inspire (Health In Motion LLC.) Multi-Gyms have a (Residential) Lifetime Limited Warranty and a 10 year Light-Commercial Warranty.

Dimensions: M3 Footprint: Top Beam Down Length 72″ x Width 40″ x Height 82″ Top Beam Up Height 84″
M3 Footprint with optional Leg Press: Top Beam Down Length 72″ x Width 67″ .x Height 82″ Top Beam Up Height 84″.


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