Precor Icarian Strength FTS Glide Functional Training System

Product Details

Precor products are designed to be easy to use with adjustable weight increments and multiple pulley positions to help users target core muscle groups and reach their fitness goals. Precor has designed a Functional Training System to offer a
variety of ergonomic strength exercises for users of all sizes. A compact footprint and low height make it a perfect fit for
fitness rooms in hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings and more. For 25 years Precor has been a leader in the fitness industry, delivering breakthrough innovations and premium quality products for leading clubs and better fitness facilities.

Product Highlights
– Simplified for ease of use- An instructional placard with illustrations guides users through effective exercise positions. Fully shrouded weight stacks protect moving parts.
– User-friendly pulley adjustments refine exercise- Pulleys can be adjusted with one hand for quick transitions from one exercise to the next. Choose from 33 pulley positions to offer workout variety and ensure personal comfort for each core exercise.
– Dual weight stacks offer workout variety- Rather than working on just one or two planes of the body, dual weight stacks
allow users to engage more than one muscle and often more than one joint for true isolateral resistance training with user-defined motion paths.
– Designed for durability – Contemporary design features a durable high-gloss, titanium powder coat finish that looks great in any workout room.
– Compact footprint maximizes space – Standing just 85 inches tall with stable, space efficient design, the FTS Glide
makes the most of any dedicated fitness area.

Product Specifications
– Dimensions (L x W x H): 48.3 x 53.1 x 85 in / 122.7 x 134.9 x 215.9 cm
– Product Weight 472 lbs / 214.1 kg (including weight stacks):
– Weight Stack (per stack): 200 lbs / 90.7 kg
– Required area to place machine and perform the most exercises: 5 ft x 8 ft / 1.52 x 3.01 m



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