Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer


Product Details

The CMT is all about developing the deep core muscles – and all of the muscles involved in movement.

Available in 1kg, 2kg and 4kg weights, the lubricated steel shot inside the CMT collides with the cavity walls and this force transfers to the user. It’s a significant force and you have to work hard to precisely control it – and that’s what develops core strength.

Hitting the sweet spot also creates a sharp, sudden sound. A change in tone occurs if the user loses focus or becomes fatigued, so users and coaches alike get instant, audible feedback to accompany the physical experience.

Works brilliantly as a specialist core tool, whether as the main route to core and abdominals development or as part of a varied programme using multiple training methods.

Ideal for accurately targeting specific muscles and movements. Mobility drills can prepare the body for all kinds of activity, from daily life tasks to specialist sports up to an elite level.

Exercises can be performed standing, sitting, kneeling or travelling. This means that trainers and therapists can build exercises specifically for their clients, whatever their fitness level or desired outcomes.

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