Product Details

The Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load that enables you to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility and endurance. The Rip Trainer is easily portable and can be used by virtually anyone anywhere by attaching it to any secure anchor point. Get a full-body workout with just one, easy to set up piece of equipment. Build core strength with rotational movements that mirror the way you move in sport and in life. Burn calories and increase cardiovascular endurance. Challenge your core with asymmetric loads.


TRX Rip Trainer – Burn fat, build core strength, and develop rotational power, anywhere.

Medium Resistance Cord – 20 pounds of resistance that provides the perfect challenge for almost all fitness levels.

Safety Strap – Train safe.

Carrying Bag – Take your Rip Trainer anywhere.

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