Product Details

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)45” x 54” x 77”

  • 2:1 Model – Weight Stacks170LB per side
  • 2:1 Model – Effective Resistance85LB per side
  • Included Attachments2 strap handles, 2 multi-length strap extensions, ankle cuff, rotating arm bar, triceps rope, lat pull bar
  • Vertical Cable Position Adjustments19 positions with 3″ spacing
  • Cable Rotation315° detented every 45°
  • Minimum Cable Width15″ (38cm)
  • Maximum Cable Width58″ (147cm)
  • Stabilization Assembly10 height positions; 9 fore/aft positions in 2″ (5 cm) increments
  • WarrantyStructural Frame: 10 Year Limited (excluded coatings) | Pulleys, Weight Plates, Guide Rods: 5 Year; Bearings, Cables, Grips, Electrical: 1 Year | Upholstery, Springs, and Unspecified: 90 Days

The Bravo Advanced Functional Trainer lets you train hundreds of movements in a single space-efficient machine. Exercisers no longer have to make a choice between workloads high enough to build strength and free-form patterns of movement that train for real-world applications. The Bravo Advanced delivers both for the optimum result. The truly innovative Bravo Functional Training System combines unique technologies and the best aspects of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment for simple operation, extensive function, and better results.

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